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Zhejiang HuaYang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
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Add:Chemical raw material base of Zhejiang Province,
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Zhejiang Huayang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is located in beautiful scenery and outstanding people of the historic city of Taizhou sea, Zhejiang province is the drug production base of raw materials. The company was founded in December 1994, the company is a collection of scientific research, production, marketing as one of the limited liability company, now has assets of 130 million yuan, construction area of 55000 square meters, all kinds of professional and technical personnel 50 people, 3 senior titles, intermediate title personnel 14 people.
Production base of the company is complete, advanced detection means, scientific and rigorous organization, personnel allocation optimization. In such a good environment, in May 2009 passed the Japanese drug PMDA certification, the product has excellent varieties of allopurinol with wide market potential efficacy, products sold to the international market.
At present, the company has broad market prospects and development potential of new drug projects 8, of which 2 are reporting independent intellectual property rights. Development of new drugs, human health is our highest goal of starr. In order to achieve the ultimate goal of the Qing Dynasty, Swiss solidarity, good governance, strive for progress with determination, hard pioneer.
We always adhere to the people-oriented business philosophy, with emotion to retain people, with the cause of the attractive, with the work of the people, with learning and training people, with the mechanism to motivate people. And is committed to the enterprise value and the value of the staff to enhance the common development of enterprises and employees.